Rocky the French bulldog

On Thursday the 20th of January 2022 our residents at St Anthony’s Residential Home were thrilled to spend time with Rocky the French bulldog a beautiful dementia Pet therapy dog.
Joanne (The registered manager) has kindly volunteered to bring in Rocky once a week to spend time with our ladies and gentlemen.
All our residents look forward to Rocky’s arrival.

Cuddles, strokes, and attention

On Rocky’s latest visit the residents gave Rocky lots of cuddles, strokes, and attention, and a walk around the garden which he really enjoyed.
His calm nature really charmed us all.
Pet therapy brings so much joy in our home interacting with Rocky brought so many memories for our residents. It raised such big smiles amongst our team and residents.

How does pet therapy Benefit people with Dementia?

Pet Therapy (also called animal- assisted therapy) for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia has received increased attention over the last several years. One reason is because of the emphasis on making facilities such as nursing homes more home like

Benefits of Pet Therapy

• Improved mood

• Calming effect

• Decreased behavioral problems

• Improved nutrition

• Increased social interaction

• Increased physical Activity

Come back soon Rocky, we love having you!