Our care promise

Everyone is unique, and so your care shouldn’t be any different. We provide individuality within our services, including how you like to be cared for, the sort of activities you enjoy, and the food you prefer to eat.

We accept and support all of our residents physical and emotional needs.

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Our Values

At St Anthony’s, we work under a philosophy of care where all residents live in a safe and comfortable environment whilst being treated with the utmost respect.

  • Privacy – we ensure all our residents have access to their own space when they wish, and will help them to manage their own affairs where possible
  • Dignity – we treat each resident as a valued individual to maintain their dignity and effectively fulfil their wishes
  • Choice – we ensure every individual gets the right help and support which enables them to make choices and express preferences
  • Independence – we assist residents to take measured risks, to make their own decisions and ultimately act for themselves where capacity allows
  • Collaboration – we work together with our residents to ensure they can get the best out of our home. From pastimes and hobbies to mealtime favourites – we’ll facilitate it for you
  • Respect – we ensure a comfortable, inclusive, and interesting environment, treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • Security – we create an environment in our homes whereby all our residents feel safe and secure
  • Community – family, loved ones and friends are welcome to participate in all our community activities and events both at the home and in the community
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Why choose St. Anthonys?

At St Anthony’s we will work with you to alleviate feelings of stress and uncertainty, always keeping you informed to ensure that you have the time, support, and help you need to deal with the occurring changes in your life. Our friendly, caring ethos is something that we are immensely proud of, and something that we work hard to deliver to each family and resident that walks through our door.

We provide a stimulating and active environment for our residents by offering a wide range of activities that are appropriate and in line with their care plan. We also encourage the continued participation of existing hobbies. We believe that this, combine with social interaction between residents and residents’ families is a great way to ensure that our residents have the best possible quality of life.

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Happy residents and their families

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